July 1 to 6, 2019 Activities

Congratulations to the following students who where the winners of last week challenge week; Ishana Atwal (After School Program), Emilio Encalada (Beginner Class), Troy Mulchan (Intermediate Class), and Isabella Tinamisan (Advance/Black Belt Class).

This week skill and practices

This week is the first week of the block 3 curriculum.

Tuesday, July 2: TKD Students will be working on their BLACK SKILL STRIPE. AMRAP Day for KB members

Wednesday, July 3: TKD Students will be working on their patterns. Level Up Strength Day for KB members.

Thursday, July 4: TKD Students will be working on their BLACK SKILL STRIPE. Level Up Core & Yoga Day for KB members

Friday, July 5: Black Club Members Weapons Training from 6:30 to 7:00 pm. TKD competition Training from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Complex Day for KB members​.

Upcoming Events

Friday, July 19: Black Belt Grading starts at 6 pm.

Saturday, September 14: 2019 GUELPH OPEN. Registration deadline August 24.

Friday, September 20: Grading Day; Time: 5:30 pm Early Skill, 6:00 pm Basic Skill, 6:30 pm Core Skill, 7:30 pm Extreme Skill

Wellness Tip

Our guts are full of bacteria — but that’s a good thing! Replenishing the good bacteria, or probiotics, prevents the bad bacteria from wreaking havoc on your health. One of the best ways to get probiotic bacteria is from fermented foods.

Eating a variety of probiotic foods will help you get the most benefits and the maximum number of probiotic strains. This week, experiment with different fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, and non-dairy yogurts — eating them alone or with other health-promoting foods.

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