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Three Must Eat Breakfast Foods

Are you a breakfast eater? Or dare I ask are you a “healthy” breakfast eater? Maybe you need some inspiration for a few great breakfast foods. Maybe you don't have time and you need some healthy ideas for “grab and go” mornings - who doesn't ever run short on time in the mornings? Maybe you're ready to ditch the “desserts” that are marketed as being “part of a complete breakfast”. Don't worry, I have you covered! Click the link above to read the full post with three must eat breakfast foods and a yummy recipe too!

Five Cholesterol Myths and What to Eat Instead

Summary: The science of cholesterol and heart health is complicated and we're learning more every day. You may not need to be as afraid of it as you are. And there is a lot you can do from a nutrition and lifestyle perspective to improve your cholesterol level.