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September 23 to 29, 2019

Monday, September 23: TKD students​​ will be working on their patterns. Strength Day for KB members.

September 16 to 21, 2019

Monday, September 16: Pre-Test for TKD students​​. Complex Day for KB members.

September 9 to 14, 2019 Activities

Monday, September 9: Review for TKD students​. Level Up Conditioning Day for KB members.

September 2 to 7, 2019 Activities

Tuesday, September 3: Review for TKD students​. Level Up Conditioning Day for KB members.

How to make a new habit last a lifetime

I have a quick tip for you today that could be a total game-changer for you! If you are trying to create a new habit (aren’t we all?!), I’m 99.999% this tip will help. It works because it couldn’t be any simpler.

August 26 to 31, 2019 Activities

Monday, August 26: TKD Students will be working on their GREEN SKILL STRIPE​. Complex Day for KB members.

The power of your post-workout snack

If you have a regular exercise routine, you’re definitely going to want to check this out.

August 19 to 24, 2019 Activities

Monday, August 19: TKD Students will be working on their patterns. Level Up Strength Day for KB members.

How fiber helps keep you healthy

Outline of how fiber works in the body to improve health and improve satiety. (and a recipe)

August 12 to 17, 2019 Activities

Monday, August 12: TKD Students will be working on their ORANGE SKILL STRIPE​. AMRAP Day for KB members.

A proven way to cut your risk of getting a cold

I hope you are feeling well this morning and your day is off to a great start. Today I am writing about a 100% natural way to help your body fight off colds and the flu. (and you can do it every night)

August 5 to August 10, 2019

Monday, August 5: Closed Tuesday, August 6: TKD Students will be working on their BLACK SKILL STRIPE and sparring​. AMRAP Day for KB members.

7 ways your smartphone might be hurting your health

Quick! Do you know where your smartphone is? I bet you do – you might even be reading this post on it.‍Here’s the deal with smartphones: they are AMAZING inventions that let us stay plugged in 24/7. You can learn the answer to just about any question with a few taps of your finger. It’s incredible.

July 29 to August 2, 2019

Monday, July 29: TKD Students will be working on their patterns. Complex Day for KB members​. The average Canadian eats nearly his or her own weight in added sugar every year.

Exercise and quality of sleep

I have some interesting news for you today about how your workouts can help you sleep better. You already know that working out regularly helps improve your sleep. It only makes sense that if you make your body tired, you’ll sleep better.

July 22 to 28, 2019 Activities

Monday, July 22: TKD Students will be working on their GREEN SKILL STRIPE. Yoga Day for KB members. Herbs and spices have been used medicinally for thousands of years — now should be no different — even when you cook. Certain spices aid digestion and can even soothe and protect from common digestive complaints.

What to do when someone “infects” you with their bad mood

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve caught a bad mood from someone, it probably wasn’t your imagination. A couple weeks ago I came across a study that looked into this, and I was fascinated because it’s something I’ve personally experienced (and chances are you have, too).

July 15 to 21, 2019 Activities

Monday, July 15: TKD Students will be working on their patterns. Level Up Strength Day for KB members. Do you get enough fibre? Only 3% of Canadian get the recommended daily amount. But fibre is essential for digestive health, particularly soluble fibre, or prebiotic fibre, which feeds probiotic bacteria.

Here’s why you’re always hungry

I came across some interesting numbers the other day that I had to share with you. If you’re feeling tired, you are NOT alone! Did you know that we’re getting less sleep than ever? Almost 60 years ago, a survey of more than 1 million people found that most people got 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night.

July 8 to 13, 2019 Activities

Monday, July 8: TKD Students will be working on their ORANGE SKILL STRIPE. AMRAP Day for KB members. Mindfulness is an important way to keep your brain healthy by steadying it and fortifying yourself against anxiety, stress, depression, and reactivity.

July 1 to 6, 2019 Activities

This week is the first week of the block 3 curriculum. Tuesday, July 2: TKD Students will be working on their BLACK SKILL STRIPE. AMRAP Day for KB members

Savory Turmeric Oatmeal Bowl

This creamy, savory oatmeal gets a golden “kiss of sunshine” from turmeric powder.Ingredients1 cup quick rolled oats2 cups water1/4 cup frozen chopped okra1/2 cup frozen peas1/2 tsp ground turmeric1/4 cup sauerkraut (optional)

Your new FAVORITE Protein Shake Recipe (inside)...

Have you ever tried matcha green tea? Whether you are new to it or a long-time fan, I have a recipe for you today that I can’t WAIT for you to try. It’s packed with superfoods but tastes like a treat (really!). I came up with this recipe after dropping too much $$$ on Starbucks’ version, which isn’t as tasty or nearly as nutritious.

June 24 to 29, 2019 Activities

Monday, June 22: Challenge week for TKD Students. Complex Day for KB members​. Incorporate turmeric into your diet.

10-Minute Gluten-Free Pasta Romana with Spinach and Tomatoes

Need a healthy dinner in 10 minutes? This one-pot pasta dish is your answer! “Romana” flavours refer to the classic Italian combination of tomato, spinach, and garlic. They come together for a simple, fresh flavour.

Remember “Sitting is the New Smoking”?

I’ve got some good news for you today – plus some even better news! This is especially important if you work behind a desk most of the time. First, do you remember a few years ago, when all the headlines blared that “Sitting is the New Smoking”? Basically, researchers looked into the health risks of sitting for hours at a time, and the conclusion was that if you sit a lot, your risk of dying was the same as that of a smoker – even if you exercise!

June 17 to 22, 2019 Activities

Red Dawn Martial Arts weekly activities and upcoming events. This Friday is belt testing day for our Taekwondo students.

10-Minute Italian Lentil Bowl

Dinner in under 10 minutes? Yes, it’s possible! This healthy lentil bowl is full of classic Italian flavour. Hearty lentils help keep you satisfied and give this bowl an enjoyable texture. With a few key ingredients, you can have a healthy, delicious meal on the table in no time.

Some of the BEST advice I’ve ever heard….

I have a little extra “exercise” for you the next time you get your sweat on. I tall stems from a saying I learned from one of my mentors: Train how you want to look. For some reason, that simple saying has stuck with me more than almost any other exercise coaching advice. It stuck with me because it makes such a HUGE difference.

June 10 to 15 Activities

This is a review week for our Taekwondo students.

Three Must Eat Breakfast Foods

Are you a breakfast eater? Or dare I ask are you a “healthy” breakfast eater? Maybe you need some inspiration for a few great breakfast foods. Maybe you don't have time and you need some healthy ideas for “grab and go” mornings - who doesn't ever run short on time in the mornings? Maybe you're ready to ditch the “desserts” that are marketed as being “part of a complete breakfast”. Don't worry, I have you covered! Click the link above to read the full post with three must eat breakfast foods and a yummy recipe too!

Five Cholesterol Myths and What to Eat Instead

Summary: The science of cholesterol and heart health is complicated and we're learning more every day. You may not need to be as afraid of it as you are. And there is a lot you can do from a nutrition and lifestyle perspective to improve your cholesterol level.